Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 21: Odds and Ends Art

After a few creative projects, soon enough you're left with leftover  bits and pieces. My pile is ever-expanding - Fashion Rock (you'll meet her sooner or later), clay art, mini art pieces made from shipping tags, assorted semi-precious stones for jewelry making . . . Well, this week, I consolidated some clutter. Not so coincidentally, some of those odds and ends were from the last few weeks of make52 projects.

Four different creative projects - combined!
This week's project isn't so much a tutorial to follow rather than a way to get you thinking about what you can do with those bits and pieces that don't have a home.

What you need
Leftover pieces from creative projects. I used:

  • a rescued frame that I'd sanded, painted, and embellished with beads
  • glitter paper from Week 20
  • six-piece clay painting from Week 19
  • watercolor paper painted with watercolor washes in yellow, pink, and purple
  • scissors, ruler, pencil, and double-sided foam tape
  • cardboard for frame backing

What you need, clockwise from left: glitter paper, frame, foam tape, scissors, six-piece painting, watercolor paper

I was looking for a bright, cheerful way to display the clay painting, so I hit on the idea of doing a funky double-matted look with the clay on top of the watercolor paper on top of the glitter paper. The warm colors of the watercolor paper, on top of the cool blue tones of the glitter paper, complement the clay pieces nicely.

You could glue the pieces together but I just used double-sided foam tape to make each piece stick up just a little bit higher than the paper it was on top of. Here's how to apply the tape backing:

That's really it. I stuck the clay on top of the watercolor paper, and the watercolor paper on top of the glitter paper. Then I put them in the frame, which again fits in with the fun, colorful theme. I cut a piece of cardboard for frame backing, and there you go: four separate art projects, smushed into one!

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