Saturday, January 1, 2011

Creative 2011

There never seems to be enough time. Between work, parenting, and the various pulls of daily life, it can be hard to muster the energy even to read a book at the end of the day.

Something's missing. And that's free, unfettered time to make, to create, and to play. In 2011, I'm going to consciously make the time -- or find it, from bits of leftover minutes in between the daily schedule crunch -- to be creative.

I'm going to make one original project a week for the 52 weeks of 2011. Anything creative goes: art, craft, garden, and creative cooking projects. I'm excited right now about art metal, glass making, and image transfer. I'm terrified of yeast, so I think bread making will be in my future. I'm going to learn as I go, and I'm not going to plan too far ahead, leaving room for inspiration to strike week by week. I have no formal training in anything except drawing and painting, but I'll make up for that with curiosity. I'm planning to use "jack of all trades, master of none" to my advantage and expand my horizons week by week.

Best of all, for each week's project, I'll tell you how I did it, with photos, materials, tips, and techniques, so you can do it too. We all need to make time to play.

Join me this year for a creative 2011!



  1. Great idea! I'm looking forward to seeing your creations. For what it's worth, I've always been afraid of yeast...

  2. I am so inept when it comes to arts and crafts, and gardening (well, I'm not big on bugs). I'm intrigued and look forward to seeing your creations!!!!!!!! Good luck! <3

  3. Thanks Grace and Jo Ann! Working on project #1!